Increasing your enterprise security often means increasing your complexity and management challenges in kind. Juba Network security delivers a multi-layered line of defense to help you maximize your security while minimizing challenges and closing gaps.Today, managing security is a complex endeavor. Growing networks, disruptive technologies, and the proliferation of interconnected devices demand a new approach to managing security. Traditional security management approaches no longer work. Security needs to be agile, efficient and anticipate the latest threats.

Key benefit include:

  • Advanced Threat Prevention protects cloud assets against external and internal threats. vSEC compliments Google Cloud Platform’s native controls by securing traffic with comprehensive multi-layer security.
  • Automated and agile security at the speed of DevOps dynamically scales and grows with business needs improving operational efficiency and enabling business elasticity. vSEC is rapidly deployed and provisioned using Single-click provisioning from the Google Cloud Marketplace. On-demand deployment and usage-based (Pay-as-you-Grow model) licensing lowers TCO of cloud deployments.
  • Single Pane of Glass Security Management for public and private cloud as well as on-premise physical networks ensures consistent policy management and visibility across cloud infrastructures. Security policy, logging and reporting leverages Google Cloud Platform defined objects enhancing visibility.
  • Any Cloud, Any Service – Always Secure – The industry’s broadest cloud platform support and the only Advanced Threat Prevention security solution for any cloud environment – public, private or hybrid – AWS, Microsoft Azure, VMware, Cisco, OpenStack, Nuage Networks and now Google Cloud Platform