Wifi equipment

Juba Provide carrier-grade long Range wifi Solution. Our outdoor access point, which offers the superior range and capacity beamforming and the latest 802.11n Wi-Fi standard. This Solution is the ideal solution for outdoor deploying large scale data offload and Wi-Fi access applications in dense urban conditions is designed for mounting on roof-tops, lamp posts and poles.

Our access points enable to reduce CAPEX and OPEX by leveraging existing network assets. As a part of our Systems carrier-grade, outdoor Wi-Fi solutions, operate in self-healing self-assembling mesh architecture using high-capacity 802.11n links – increasing reliability and reducing the initial expenditure.

The multiple, integrated radios on each access point deliver the digital beamforming access and mesh backhaul separately to create a robust, broadband network seamlessly integrates into core network infrastructure, leveraging the software functionality of the field-proven MBW platform.


  • Highest customer reach – through unparalleled coverage per base station and through the best NLOS client reachability
    • Lowest cost-per-line solution – making it feasible even for low average revenue per user (ARPU) customers
    • Highest capacity enabling cost-effective, high-capacity customer connectivity
    • Cost-effective solutions – for various area sizes and coverage needs, with the most comprehensive portfolio of base stations, access points, CPEs and backhaul alternatives
    • Fastest time to market – with fewer sites required and simple-to-install base stations
    • Lowest CAPEX – requiring the fewest base stations and base station sites per square kilometer
    • Lowest OPEX – mainly by reducing the number of sites to rent, maintain and connect per square kilometer