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Juba Network Co. Ltd.

Juba Network Co. Ltd. is not just an Internet Service Provider (ISP) – we’re a leading IT System Integrator, specializing in professional services such as Security and Analytics Consultancy, Managed Services, High-Speed Internet, Data Connectivity, and Seamless IP Telephony. Since 2017, Juba Network Limited (JNL) has been at the forefront of providing world-class Internet Service across South Sudan. Our state-of-the-art network infrastructure and highly skilled professionals ensure that we deliver top-notch services and innovative solutions to our esteemed clients nationwide.

Our strong presence in corporate Data & Internet services speaks volumes about our expertise and commitment to excellence. We are proud recipients of the prestigious 3.5 GHz frequency and Metro Fiber Network from the National Communication Authority (NCA), enabling us to effectively manage the radio network and provide seamless connectivity to our clients.

Juba Network Co. Ltd. stands out as one of the most prolific ISPs and ICT solutions providers in South Sudan. Leveraging the latest generation technology, we offer the fastest internet and data services available in the region. Our comprehensive range of solutions includes network and security services, tailored to meet the diverse needs of various sectors including Aviation, Aid organizations, NGOs, MNOs, Oil & Gas, Financial institutions, Hospitality industry, SMEs, and Enterprises.


Juba Network Co. Ltd. is one of the most prolific ISP and ICT solutions provider in South Sudan. Using latest generation technology, we are catering fastest internet and data service in South Sudan. This is complimented by our range of solutions like network and security. From inception we are catering institutions from Aviation, AID organizations, NGO’s, MNO’s, Oil & Gas, Financial, hospitality, SME and enterprises. We thrive to introduce new products and services to improve.




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