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connecting intelligent technologies


Instantly connect, monitor, and operate assets securely, quickly, and across locations

IoT, or the Internet of Things, signifies a realm where physical objects are seamlessly interwoven with sensors, software, and cutting-edge tech. Their mission? To forge connections, exchange data, and fuel a digital revolution via the vast internet network. These objects span from everyday household items like thermostats, cars, and lights to advanced industrial machinery.

Smart Metering Solution

Smart meters for electricity power, gas and water are spreading worldwide. This type of metering entails not only the measurement of electricity, gas, water consumption but also communications from meter to data collector and cloud. Smart meters enable an advancement toward a next-generation ecology in which all types of meters are linked via networks. In smart meter there is a two-way communication that enables to start/read/cutoff of supply remotely by supplier. By taking real-time reporting of consumption directly it improves higher reliability, reduces tampering, develops consumer awareness which eventually leads to waste reduction, lower expenses and improve work efficiency by 45%.

Smart Office Automation

Smart office Automation helps to improve productivity and optimize existing office appliances which saves time, money and human efforts. This automation improves working environment through energy efficiency, enhanced security and streamlining processes. Utilizing latest technology and data analysis it ensures the workplace to be equipped for the specific needs of each unique workforce and reduces electricity bills up to 30%.


Unlock Your Business Potential with Juba Network Cutting-Edge Software Solutions!

If you plan to automate your business, then Juba Network can be your trusted technology partner. We provide highly customized quality software solutions which have many reasons to be your ideal choice. Juba Network also provides different types of interactive website for any organization. Our company always focus on different cutting-edge technology to provide the best ICT services to their valued customer.

We Offer

Web Application

A web application is an interactive, user-friendly software accessed via a web browser, designed for various tasks like communication, productivity, and entertainment, enhancing online experiences.

Mobile Application

A mobile application is software designed for smartphones and tablets, offering various functionalities like social networking, gaming, and productivity, enhancing user experiences on-the-go.

Desktop Application

A desktop application is software installed on personal computers, providing extensive functionality for tasks like productivity, creativity, and entertainment, offering robust performance and offline access.

SaaS Platform Development

SaaS platform development involves creating cloud-based software accessible via the internet, enabling scalable, subscription-based services for various business needs, ensuring seamless updates and remote access.

Enterprise Application

An enterprise application is a large-scale software solution designed to support business processes, enhance productivity, and integrate operations across an organization.

E-Commerce Development

E-commerce development involves creating online platforms for buying and selling products or services, featuring secure transactions, user-friendly interfaces, and robust management tools.

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